Clean, Concise, Creative

Design says something about you! Good design tells your audience who you are and what you do. It is communication! It should be clean, concise and consistent in order to be effective! Design is Identity.

Logo, the key element in your design plan. It can be as simple as your name but it will become the foundation for all pieces to promote your business. The logo is the cornerstone!

Corporate Branding, marketing your business starts with your name and develops into your image. In today’s competitive market place it is critical to use your marketing wisely and get everything you can out of each element created. Every business card, brochure, print ad or website should be recognizable as yours. There is power in consistency!

Photo Movies, my most prized possessions are my photographs. They are the story of my life and in some cases the photos are the only things I have to remind me of the ones I love and the memories we have made. I never tire of seeing them. They fill my walls because the memories fill my heart. Turning my photographs into a movie with music takes my photos to the next level. Whether I am using the video to share memories or promote an event a Photo Movie brings your photos to life and evokes emotion. Allow me take your photo memories to the next level.

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